Vision Mission

Aims and Objectives of the CBFC: 

  • To buildup friendship between the citizens of the People’s Republic of China and those of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • To share the knowledge and innovative ideas between two nations by organizing cultural shows, business exhibitions, seminars, symposiums, exchange programs, exchanging delegates, etc.
  • To promote business, cultural activities, studies, and research between two nations by enhancing bilateral understanding and goodwill
  • To Develop ICT using Online and Print Media and to arrange joint publications on the national days of both the nations
  • To arrange language and other professional training courses for both Bangladeshi and Chinese nationals and to stand beside the citizens of both the countries as a unique support center to cater to their various needs
  • To ensure the basic rights of the Chinese people living in Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi people living in China
  • To support meritorious students by arranging scholarships and other support from the authorities
  • Encouraging and recognizing Professionals, Businessmen, Students & Parents through CBFC Awards
  • To take care of the existing bilateral issues and to take part in the future issues, agreements, bargaining between two nations for the mutual interests and benefits. In this regard, maintaining a close relationship with the embassies of China and Bangladesh
  • To set up the CBFC-Institute of Professional Development Alternative (CIPDA) to support the human resource development of two nations
  • To set up a Chinese International University in Bangladesh